GALLERY: Custom Pieces

Creating YOUR Vision & Dreams

Earl - the Chow Chow
30x40 Framed Canvas

Mediums - Spray Paint, Acrylic, Color Pencil
Compass Tattoo
White Rose
An Eagle
24x24 framed canvas.
Mediums used: spray paint, acrylic paint, colored pencil
30x40 framed canvas
Mediums: spray paint, acrylic paint
Love Owls
24x36 framed canvas

Mediums used: Acrylic Paint
A Dog
20x20 framed canvas

Portrait of a pet dog.
Mediums used: paper, modge podge, acrylic
Batman - In the Night
3 pieces
Custom: Fantasy Map
Pregnancy Belly Painting
Love (4 16x20 canvas)
The Nations
New Day
Song of the Bride CD Cover
Lamb of God
Sacred Birth Logo
Roots of Unity Logo
Wedding Invitation 1
Garden Enclosed Tattoo Design
Butterfly Tattoo Design
Blossoms Tattoo Design
Beloved Tattoo Design
Custom Caricature
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