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Meet the Artist: Joshua Lopez

My wife and I reside in Rochester, NY. I was born in Brooklyn, but have been in Rochester for most of my life. I currently have an Associate degree in graphic design, but am not pursuing that. Although graphic design is art, that is not the type of art I am passionate about or thrive at. I have been gifted to create pieces of art with all sorts of mediums. I've done pieces solely made out of construction paper, #2 pencil, color pencils, marker, pastels, and acrylic. Please venture over to my gallery and take a look at some of the pieces I have created. My current favorite medium is acrylic and water color.


Art has been a huge part of my life since the age of five. I have  had the opportunity to grow in this skill tremendously since then and love any chance I can get to add a little color to a canvas. Art is life.  It is more then just splashing colors around on a canvas with a paint brush,  and more then blending hues and shades with a marker, or colored pencil- whatever the medium.  I see art in most things, even the tiniest details. Sometimes I paint just to paint or I draw just to draw; however, art is not just an outlet or a hobby for me.  It helps me understand life and gives me the ability to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I have or that God has given me.  God has given me this gift that helps create language in picture format for things that seem too difficult or unclear to express by words. I find joy in completing masterpieces that are pleasing to my eyes and to the eyes of my audience.   Again... art is life to me.

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